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Brightstar NZ - Getting the Best from the Field Sales Team

Brightstar are an International Distribution and Logistics group, which offer services across the Supply Chain environment. Their services include Retail Marketing and Customer Care.  They are a subsidiary of Brightstar Corp; a Florida based company with a presence in 53 countries.
Brightstar started operating in New Zealand in April 2008 after winning the contract to outsource Telecom's Retail Product Supply Chain (mobile phones, broadband routers and home phones etc.).
Part of this work involved a Sales and Merchandising field team who visited the Telecom Retail stores and Dealerships to offer support and advice on their stocking of Mobile devices and accessories.
The team of six operated across the country under the leadership of an Auckland based Sales Manager. 

The Challenge
The challenge was to understand what role the team needed to fulfil and if they were operating effectively.  Was this the best use of the resource considering other demands in the Business and were their skills gaps that needed to be filled.  Was there opportunity to increase ROI in Financial and Value Add terms.
There was a requirement to assess what the team was there to do and understand if there was a consistent view between the team, the Brightstar Senior Management, and the customer (Telecom and Dealerships).
What value was being added to the service or the relationship? – how did they measure success and what were the areas and opportunities to improve performance?
Brightstar needed a view on this and on how resource was best deployed between their Service business and emerging new activity.

How We Helped
We spent time with the Sales Manager and with members of the Field team and other Senior Management.  We engaged with the key contacts at Telecom and Vendors to understand the dynamic.
We helped to identify the definite disconnect between what the Field team understood to be its function and the value it was actually designed to deliver.  The intent had been to reinforce the Service and Support aspects for the Brightstar offering yet what was actually being delivered was more aligned to an individual Hardware vendor Sales team.  The focus was on various Hardware vendors and their products and the promotion of the individual brands. 
We led the Senior management team through an understanding of the disconnect on how this was impacting on their business as well as on that of their client (Telecom).  We worked with them to redesign the function and to redefine its objectives and measures.  

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