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Program of Work

We work to identify the essential elements to a successful Distribution Strategy for your business. 
This includes looking at people, process, tools and technology as well as getting to grips with the overall business strategy and what you want to achieve.  That way we can assist in developing the right channels and ways to optimise them for success:
  • Move to lower-cost channels where appropriate
  • Consider value add opportunities
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency of Sales and Marketing campaigns  
Background and Current Environment
  • Review current Channel model and costs
  • Business strategies and goals
  • Examine Competitor Channel strategies
  • Survey Sales teams and Distribution partners
Organisational Design
  • Map product/service to the end-user
  • Identify potential Distribution partners
  • Service and Support design
  • Process and Tools (technology)
  • Terms of Trade/Financials
  • SWOT
  • Commercial analysis
  • Trends
  • Competitors
  • Determine Customer Channel preferences
  • Change management
  • Key Account management
  • Measures, Targets & Analysis
  • Opex allocation (Capex if required)
  • Launch mechanisms
Refine and Adapt plan

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