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Keys for Success

The outcome of this work is increased cost efficiency, greater team and customer satisfaction and increased revenue.
  • Understand the desired Sales outcome and Customer Satisfaction levers.
  • Identify the key progress points in the Sales and Supply agreement and gain a clear view of the impact that changes in process make so that a full evaluation can be made.
  • Buy-in from all stakeholders in particular the Sales and Support teams who service each route to market.
  • Agree the Financial and Operational terms and definitions ensuring all Stakeholders are on the same page and expectations can be met.
  • Whether your organization is Owner/Operator, SME or larger - ensure the key Stakeholders are involved and informed to effect success.
  • Providing support to Sales and Service teams as change takes place is essential - in conjunction with Management teams.
  • Clear and timely communication with all of those involved – a planned program of communication means you and your team know what is happening and what to expect.  This assists in ensuring continuous cross-company engagement.
  • Linking the program to any overall Business Strategy and communicating this relationship to all Stakeholders provides the assurance that our work is a part of the bigger plan.
  • Agree a review period to assess the Strategy and nominate any changes that may be appropriate.  Provide a program for continual refresh of the Strategy or can leave you with the Tools to have this done internally.

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