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Program of Work

Starting with the desired Sales outcomes and the potential complexities of the individual business we design the infrastructure.  This is done with you and your team with the focus on supporting the Sales and Marketing environments.
We map the process backwards to find the efficiencies and recommend the tools and resources necessary to support this.  We work to understand what your current capabilities are and what capabilities you need to deliver your overall business plan/goals.
This will include the setting, measuring and analysis of appropriate KPIs.  Set realistic expectations that are clear, understood and aligned across the business.

Background and current environment
  • Understand Business strategies and goals
  • Backward map current process from point of customer delivery
  • Identify Sales/Marketing campaign impacts
  • Understand what success looks like
  • Survey Sales and support teams
Organisational Design
  • Recommend structure changes
  • Map product/service to the end-user
  • Service and support design
  • Process and tools (technology)
  • Identify Resource requirements
  • Commercial analysis
  • Internal Change management
  • Key Account management
  • Recruitment/Outsource/Tools
  • Opex allocation (Capex if required)
  • Measures, Targets & Analysis
  • Implementation of KPIs
  • Launch mechanisms
Refine and Adapt plan

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